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My Purple Earth


My Purple Earth was created with sustainability in mind and an aim not just to help artists to create a sustainable career, but also to help preserve the earth and industry for future artists and creatives.

Our Products

92 Million tonnes of textile waste is produced every year with clothing and textiles currently making up at least 7% of the total amount of waste in global landfill space and only 1% of that being recycled into new clothing.

At My Purple Earth all of our merchandise is made and fulfilled on demand, meaning there is limited excess hitting our landfill centres. Previously artists and creators would have to fork out and buy a bulk load of merchandise in various sizes unsure if they could shift it or make any profit from it. Leading to the products being sat around taking up space until it was ultimately thrown away. We aim to combat this issue directly, both for the creators and the consumers. Saving artists from spending money they don’t have while shipping quality products that are helping save the planet.

Our Service

Alongside our efforts to create more eco-friendly products, for every purchase that is made at My Purple Earth, a tree will be planted in either Madagascar or Tanzania.

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